Adventure Safely
By Using Mountable, You Can Hike The Mountain Safely Without Worry

How to Participate

Mountable provides ICO in the form of MNT Token
So everyone can participate by investing to our token

About MNT Token

In the Future, MNT Token will be implemented as our blockchain system to support IoT system and payment system

Download Whitepaper

for further detail about overall mountable project, terms and condition we provide whitepaper in many languages

Meet our Team

Our Board

Valda Orchidea Zahwa


Adhitya Wicaksono


Yudha Dwi Putra


Rizky Ramadian W


Our Team

David Raditya K

Electrical Engineer

Albertus Ageng P

IoT Engineer

Yuda Chandra W

Blockchain Developer


Blockchain Developer

Irfan Alfath


Viena Ulya


Wahyu Nuriska


Our Product Road Map

2018|3rd Quarter

Design System and Customer Validation

2018|4th Quarter

Prototype 1.0 Beta Testing on Mount Sumbing

2019|1st Quarter

Tracking Tools Prototype 2.0 Development and Android Alpha Application

2019|2nd Quarter

Application and Tracking Tools Integration

2019|3rd Quarter

Node Prototype 2.0 Development

2019|4th Quarter

Android Pilot Application

2020|1st-2nd Quarter

Java Island Implementation, Dashboard Monitoring & Tracking Tools Integration and Android Beta Application

2020|3rd-4th Quarter

Sumatera Island Implementation, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning